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1kg or less Directly to your door!


1kg - 2kg Directly to your door!


2kg - 5kg Directly to your door!


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Fast Delivery and Low prices. Delivery Services From United KingdomBulgarian flag to Bulgaria United Kingdom flag


What Do We Do?

We provide Delivery services from United Kingdom directly to yourr door. Wheteher you want to buy gifts or simply shop from any UK based websites, we can help you get your items as soon as possible for exceptionally low prices.

Which Websites You Can Use?

So there are a lot of options, but here are the most common ones : EBAY, ARGO, TOYSRUS, and many others. .

How Do I Get My Items?

Simply, all you have to do is buy the item you want from the given website and deliver it to one my offices and We will send it to your address as soon as possible.

What People Are Saying About MK BOX LTD

I am very pleased with the services of the company very responsive, quick response, super fast delivery, UK-BG in just 5 days. At best intermediary with whom I have worked. It is the partner that will work in the future, it is correct! — Deni, a happy customer
Nikolai Marinov
Everything was perfect. I will use again. Thanks! — Nikolai Marinov
Valeria Georgieva
Everything was great! My mother got her present righ on time! Highly recommend! — Valeriya Georgieva
Boryana Peneva
Excellent service!!! Moving home from UK to Bulgaria. Very quick and professional delivery - 5 days! Excellent prices! Thank you! I would definitely recommend this service! — Boryana Peneva