Love AND Food

Once upon a time there were some chocolate muffins...

Chocolate muffin

Hello, dear guests,
Make your self at home. My name is Valerie and I will be your hostess that will try to make you feel comfortable and certainly will not let you leave hungry from here. Before that I will tell you a brief story about how I started to love cooking.

There was once a little girl who was very clumsy once in a while. Although she could do her hair very well, sew her clothes, draw beautiful pictures her abilities disappeared sometimes and she would cut herself with her knife while slicing vegetables ot she would drop her belongings or spill her glass of juice on her new outfit. However, she was happy and she use to spend a lot of time watching her mother in the kitchen while she was cooking.

Her mother cooked a lot of interesting dishes because she came from another land and she started mixing her traditions with those of her husband's. Her husband loved sweets.

As the time passed by, the girl started growing up and she had to pursue her dreams and leave the house that she loved so much. She was no longer a little girl but a young woman. She left her house and found a beautiful city by the sea. There she met her prince and lived happily together. Her prince showed a lot of patience and love to her. He watched her with love when she flooded his chambers, almost lit up his castle, spilled drinks all over his expensive carpets , and burned his dinner. But the fire in his eyes when he was looking at her never went out, he had accepted his fate to eat burnt beans from time to time, but served with the most innocent, kind and loving smile in the world. He loved her very much.

One day they decided to move to a larger castle where she found an old, but very reserved oven with four stoves. It has been a long time since she left home and she missed her mother's dishes so much. She decided to try one more time to prepare something for her prince. And everything began with those delicious chocolate muffins ... Thehy lived happily ever after,the prince got a little fluffy, but that's a whole other story. :)